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Drunk driving is dangerous. It can cost your life and the lives of other people, a point that we here at Unity Education DUI School will teach you about with great emphasis. 

I should know better than anyone the dangers of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol because I am a recovering addict. The good news is that the recovery is in progress and has been so for the last 20 years. After retiring from teaching for 30 years, I decided that I could use my experience as a long-time educator by starting a DUI school Collierville. Thus, the Unity Education DUI School was born. We just started this year, but we are confident that my personal experience as a former addict and a teacher would be of great help in establishing our school. 

A psychologist friend of mine suggested that I should get my DUI school certified and it is! We are licensed by the state of Tennessee to offer drug and alcohol education Collierville to drunk driving offenders. We are court approved so you will not have any problem taking our classes and showing the court that you have complied with its required DUI school hours, curriculum, and cost. 

The Unity Education DUI School offers a quiet, intimate environment for impaired professionals in Collierville, Germantown, and other towns in west Tennessee. If you want to enroll in our school for alcohol and drug education Collierville, for instance, you need to book an appointment with us. You can call us at (901) 413-5962 before dropping by our school at 165 N. Main Street, Suite 204 in Collierville, Tennessee. You can also email us at [email protected] 

Enroll with us and start your recovery from alcohol or drug use to avoid further drunk driving incidents! Call or email us today for an appointment!