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  1. 12 hour DUI Course
    We are certified by the state of Tennessee and use the required "Prime For Life " curriculum. Classes are typically held on Friday and Saturday, but other arrangements may be made for clients who need more flexibility regarding times.
  2. 12 hour Drug & Alcohol Education
    Some clients may need a general 12 hour drug & alcohol education course to satisfy requirements from an employer, government regulator state or federal or from a school, college or university.
  3. A & D Evaluations
    Unity offers comprehensive Department of Transportation evaluations, referrals, and follow ups from a Substance Abuse Professional/ who is a ( C.E.A.P. (Certified Employee Assistance Professional). M.A.C.-Master Addiction Counselor S.A.P.-Substance Abuse Professional S.A.E.-Substance Abuse Expert *DOT SAP-EVALUATION $350 *REFERRAL TO APPROPRIATE LEVEL OF CARE & *FOLLOW-UP & TESTING PLAN $150
  4. Anger Management
    Unity also offers Anger Management classes and extended services from trained professionals to either groups or individuals. Please inquire by email for more information.
  5. Smoking Cessation
    One out of every five deaths in the U.S. is related to smoking.Unity offers courses of varying lengths that address the facts about tobacco use and introduce proven strategies that have led millions to go tobacco free.
How many close calls have you had while driving drunk or under the influence of drugs? If you got caught without getting into an accident, you can consider that as a wake-up call to change your attitude towards drunk driving and the dangers that come with it. And if you are required to go to DUI school Collierville, our Unity Education DUI School is open for you!

At our Collierville-based DUI school, you will get court-approved and state-certified DUI classes at reasonable rates. I know how hard it must be for you to get the alcohol or drug habits out of your system to avoid driving under the influence, but we can help you at our school. I can relate to what you are going through as a 20-year recovering addict and I can teach you the way not only as a former addict but as a 30-year experienced educator.

If you are worried about anyone knowing about your enrollment for alcohol or drug education Collierville, don't be. At the Unity Education DUI School, we value the privacy and right to confidentiality of our enrollees. We are more focused on helping DUI offenders who have a career and name to take care of so we assure you that we will give you a quiet and private respite while learning about the dangers of drunk driving. 

We also have flexible scheduling so you can work out a perfect DUI school schedule with us that will not disrupt your working hours. This is part of our motto to offer a client-centered service.

At Unity Education DUI School, we conduct our drug and alcohol education Collierville by providing evidence-based facts to help you with your personal reflection and self-evaluation. We also avoid scolding or blaming our enrollees because we know that it would not get us anywhere towards the path to recovery and avoid repeat drunk driving offenses.

Ready to sign up with us? Just call the Unity Education DUI School for an appointment today!